Its been a while now…

Its been a while now since we have stopped riding. I thought it would be different getting back to reality. At first I was so excited, sleeping in a warm bed, eating different food. Being warm, dry and clean. Toilets are so nice! Lots of things needed to get done still, the hay shed blew down this summer in the wind storms and so did the horse shelter. Spending time with Jordan was really nice again as well as all our friends. But after a few weeks it was surprising how I felt… I was in horse withdrawal.

Urca and Judy, the pack horses enjoying a ride.

I started reflecting on all the things about the trip. The simplicity, the quiet, the kindness, the long tough days and the good horses. It seemed like it never happened at all, was the ride a dream? It sure felt like one. Then I would go ride with some of my friends and all the feelings would come back and I knew it was real. It was just a piece of heaven that has come and gone. Even though the Ride was really hard long days, the simplicity and the companionship has created a feeling of longing as I continue life in normal reality.

Out on a ride with friends getting a fix

It’s difficult to describe how it has changed us but it took over 1700km on horseback “roughing it” to realize society has got it wrong. There is too much focus on material objects, chasing the buck and chasing the dream. The rat race is a monster that has disguised herself in time. Time is something we constrain ourselves with so much when really it doesn’t matter as much as we think it does.

Sleeping the afternoon away at home.

A good friend said we are the only species that limit our lives by time and I find that statement very true. If you forget about wake-up/bed-time and schedules, that wonderful simplicity returns. Things still get done, but the anxiety associated with it disappears when you don’t put pressure on yourself with a time frame. It will get done when it gets done, just make sure you do your best.

Innisfail Cancer Ride 2017

Of course our world revolves around time and schedules so its nearly impossible to get away from it completely but now in my day I try find some time where time doesn’t matter and its nice. After work, if I don’t have anything we’ve committed too, the watch and cell phone often go into my purse and stay there untouched until the next morning. When I am tired, I sleep. When I am hungry, I eat. This freedom has allowed me to relax more, have a better life balance and there is no better time than the present. Without cell phones and watches you live in the present more whole heartedly. I wish I had done this more on the Ride. Instead I often focused on ‘getting there’ ‘doing this.’ Of course there were moments of unexplainable awe which tore your mind out of its focus, but sitting in a saddle for 8-10 hours a day you are forced to reflect and forced to live in the moment. It is a lesson that has become so important. I only wish everyone could learn what we have. It gives you so much freedom.

Sarah the Donkey. Starting her training for the next packing and riding trip.

The Ride has changed me. I love more deeply, I listen more intently, I work more consciously, and I slow down and do what I believe matters. I don’t worry about the latest boot design, as long as the boot keeps my feet warm and dry I am good. I don’t worry about getting my to do list done. There are a million house renovation projects and yard projects to be completed, and they will eventually. But its not getting the projects done that I focus on, its who I am doing them with, and how they feel about it. Stepping back from ‘me’ and leaning towards ‘them’ makes my life amazing.  And that is what The Ride has done for me.

Mike and Mak at the wedding being amazing!


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  1. It sure does feel like a dream. My only disappointment for you three was the B.C. fires that stopped the ride. There is a reason for everything and I guess it was because we needed to plan your and Jordan’s wedding day. I am grateful to God that you were all protected and came home safely. The trails will still be there and maybe someday you will be able to finish the ride and make it to the ocean. Keep moving forward😍

  2. Stacey, I am so very proud of the woman you have become. Please don’t stop writing this blog, it brings inspiration to me.

  3. Thank you Stacia. Yes our society sure is a rat race and people certainly focus on the material world. This is our trap and it’s hard to get out of with commercials always increasing expectations in life and trashing our planet. The simple life is freeing.

  4. I’m so thankful to have met you. Your words were so timely to my soul. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and thoughts. Take care my friend. 💕

  5. Thank you for sharing your Big Ride with us. You are inspirational. You lived a reality – sometimes a hard, hard one – that most of us only dream about as we go about our daily lives. Living in the moment, yet living with a focus on what is truly important, is something that I aspire to in my clumsy way, so I appreciate how the Big Ride gave that to you. Let’s hope that more people around us give up worrying about stuff and striving for things that will mean nothing when they reflect about life at the end of their days. Thank you for encouraging some of us that we’re on the right path when we avoid the rat race as much as we can. Best wishes to all of you – horse and human – and thank you.

    1. It takes years for people to learn what you just wrote. It is so awesome that you are so young and see things differently. What you wrote was heartfelt and excellently written.
      Your Mom and Dad are so proud of you and your sister.
      I am a driver friend of your Dad’s at the WDM. We are looking forward to hearing all about the trip at our meeting next month.Take care Cheryl

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