About us

David, aka: Dad.

The one who started it all. It was his 2007 New Years Resolution that he would attempt to ride across Canada on a horse. We later changed it to just starting at the MB/SK border, going fully across SK, AB, and BC for simplicity, ease, and a higher probability of success. He is a retired firefighter, husband and father of 5, DIY project expert and general lover of life.

Stacey, aka: Big Sis.

The goal oriented, organized one. She makes sure we have deadlines and realistic ideas of what to expect. Never one to say no to a challenge, she comes along to experience a once in a lifetime trip and guide us with her knowledge as a Veterinarian.

Teresa, aka: Lil Sis.

The kinda kooky, singing, go-with-the-flow one. I’ll make sure we have as much fun as possible and hopefully not get us into too much trouble. I will be attempting to chronicle our adventures, big and small, in this blog. I apologize in advance for any spelling/grammar mistakes.

We hope you laugh,cry, poop your pants (hopefully not, but it might happen!) and generally enjoy your time with us as we make our way through this crazy thing called “The Ride”.